Building Software That Rocks

John Pansewicz • Independent Software Consultant • Any Code • Anywhere

I've been writing software since 1989 and I love it. I'm a creative thinker and I embrace challenges. I'm available for just about any type of software project. I enjoy working in a team environment and learning new languages and technology.

My Software Solutions Are...


Scalable, optimized code is the first step towards a powerful software product. I pay special attention to where my bottlenecks are, and what needs to get done for my code to scale. I’m also highly aware of both language-specific optimizations as well as algorithmic and architectural optimizations as I design and write code.


It’s been shown time and time again that simple solutions translate to improved customer satisfaction. I am a strong advocate of “simple is better,” and I will always do my best to reduce mouse clicks and extra steps. User Interface and Experience (UI/UX) is one of favorite kinds of work and one at which I excel.


I am a creative thinker at heart, which directly translates to how I write code and one of the assets that I bring to the table. To me, writing code is an artistic process. I’ve written my share of B+ trees and finite state machines, but making buttons do cool things is the kind of work that I enjoy.