High Quality Solutions

I take a lot of pride in the work that I do, and and strive to ensure that my solutions meet the highest standards.

My Portfolio

Perhaps the most complete representation of my work is MusicLessons.com, which has been my primary professional focus since 2011. Most of the design work is mine, although I don't consider myself a graphic designer. All of the back-end and front-end coding, with exception to libraries, is my work.This is a heavy front-end javascript app, much of which is written in jQuery.

Other Projects

Here are some other projects that I've worked on over the years:

  • Teton Science Schools

    Teton Science Schools is a firmly established charter school located in Jackson Hole, WY. The challenge was to combine all seven of their programs into a coherent site, and is a great example of how our content management system is being used to publish date-sensitive information. It also allows parents to remotely subscribe to calendars and news.
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  • Jackson Hole Weather

    JHWeather.com is our gift to Jackson Hole. The site uses ColdFusion on the server, and jQuery on the client-side to pull JSON and XML weather data from various sources using ajax. There is also a a mobile web site that takes advantage of the the jQuery Mobile library, which means that it works on most portable devices.
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  • Pearl Street Bagels

    This project was more for fun than business, and I am very happy with the final product. I combined smooth jquery annimations on top of a unique and fun design by Colleen Quigley. Along with the menu and page transition effects, I incorporated ajax-loaded google maps and calendar events (for the soup menu). This is a great example of a simple site on nerd sterioids!
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  • Jackson Hole Music Experience

    The Jackson Hole Music Experience is a popular, non-profit organization in Jackson Hole that brings music education and performance to the community. They use our technology to manage their own content and publish their events throughout the year.
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  • Anne Muller Photography

    Anne Muller travels the world in search of telling stories of people through her lens. This site uses our content management system to deliver high quality images through our very own jqcoolgallery jquery slide show. We've also integrated fancybox windows to display Vimeo video slideshows that she creates with music.
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  • Mandatory Air

    Mandatory Air is Jackson Hole's premier party band. This site uses our content management system primarily to manage events on their calendar, but also to publish music samples. It also allows people to contact them directly through the web site using our built-in contact form.
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  • Confluence Design

    Based in Jackson Hole, Teri Davis uses her web site to market her outdoor apparel design services, and to communicate with her colleagues. On her site, she displays a portfolio using a Flash image gallery, manages a blog, and includes industry raves about her designs.
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Also Check Out My jQuery Plugins:

jqcoolgallery - An open-source jQuery plugin that displays a gallery of slide shows. This was written before media queries and would benefit from a rewrite that supports responsive design.

NOTE: The following plugins are currently under development.

jqlooper - [beta] a jquery plugin that pulls images into a looper control and was built to be used as a satellite looper.

Request A Free Consultation!

I will be happy to take a careful look at your project and provide you with a free, detailed estimate. I can also help you figure out exactly what you want your web site or software project do, and help you understand the choices you have.

Here are some questions to think about before contacting me:

1. Know your audience. Who will be using your site? Do you know how many people will be using it?

2. How often will your content change? Who will be changing it?

3. What types of content will you be displaying, and what do you want your web site to do? Create a list of features or requirements.

4. Do you have a site outline? Defining the pages on your site and specifying what they do is a neccessary step when determining costs.

5. Will there be any forms that your visitors will fill out? What do the forms do?

6. Have an idea of where your budget needs to be. This can save a lot of time when considering product ideas and solutions.